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Full-Scale Construction!!!1!!!11!!!1!

posted Dec 3, 2011, 2:15 AM by Christopher Cotner
Tessa, Josh, Jeb and I worked for a few hours today. My grand plan of transferring experience and skill through brute force has succeeded: after building the sub scale, the work went quickly and efficiently. Our new non-toxic and fume-less Aeropoxy ES6209 proved itself with ease of use in our new squeeze-bottles. We finished assembly of the main motor mount, central bulkheads in the recovery bays, and began the pistons-the piston plates are finished and attached to the kevlar and nomex cord, minus the hole for ejection (waiting on the charge canisters for precise dimensions) and the wire terminals. Basic machine work has begun on the aluminum bulkheads. We also started the 38mm adaptor, in case the ideal motor for our launch works out to be the Aerotech J825, J570W or the CTI Pro-38 J530. My tentative plan is to composite-wrap the tubes next week as we finish finals but before we go home for winter break.