The Plan

Our plan is to divide the work into several phases. We are currently working on the planning phase which will complete when our proposal is submitted to the USLI competition. Phase 2 will begin when we are notified if we have been accepted to the USLI competition.

More information

Project Checklist

Phase 1

Phase 1 is the initial design and proposal phase. Phase one ends when the proposal is formally submitted.

Complete Priority Task
 Deferred High Pick team name.
 [X] High Plan initial rocket design.
 [X] High Determine payload function and source parts.
 [X] High Determine proper safety protocols and determine our ability to meet safety requirements.
 [X] High Plan initial budget.
 [X] High Submit proposal
 Deferred Med Begin writing grants and contacting possible sponsors.
 [X] Low Contact local schools about workshops.

Phase 1 end notes:
  • Grant writing and sponsors will be pushed back to phase 2.
  • If we do not make this years competition phase 2 will be focused on getting funding for next year.
  • Team name selection has also been pushed back to phase 2.

Our Deadlines

Here is a calendar of all of our internal deadlines for the project.