Student Biographies

Jane Hoffswell

Team Leader

Jane is a sophomore CS major at Harvey Mudd College. She is Level 2 NAR certified. She participated in the SLI competition in 2009 with Ingraham High School and has participated in the Team America Rocketry Challenge for two years in high school. Jane also participated in the 2008-2009 Washington Aerospace Scholars. Jane will act as the team leader for this project.

Codename: The Boss

Tessa Adair

Assistant Team Leader

Tessa is a sophomore physics major at Harvey Mudd College. She is Level 1 NAR certified and attended the Huntsville 2011 USLI Workshop. Tessa also participated in the 2008-2009 Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholars program. Tessa is the assistant team leader and will be in charge of fundraising and educational engagement.

Codename: The Egg Head

Jeb Brooks


Jeb is a sophomore computer science major at Harvey Mudd College. His focus is on robotics and how to use various forms of input to allow machines to analyze and interact with their environment. Jeb has been an intern with Vision Robotics for three years and has helped develop vision processing code for agricultural robots. Jeb will be on the payload and electronics team.

Codename: The Code Monkey

Christopher Cotner

Safety and Recovery

Chris is a junior Applied Physics major at Harvey Mudd College. He is the president of the Mudd Amateur Rocketry Club (MARC), tripoli level 1 certified. He has taught NASA curriculum in the Washington Aerospace Scholars program (which he is also a graduate of), and has scratchbuilt several high-power sounding rockets and their data acquisition systems. He also has a deep background and familiarity with machine shop and prototype production equipment, including CNC operations, and is the head student machine shop proctor for computer-integrated machining operations at Harvey Mudd College. He will be responsible for the design and production of the recovery system for the rocket and its payload, and the production of internal structural components. He will also be responsible for ensuring that the entire process is conducted to the appropriate safety standards.

Codename: The Handyman

Steven Hang


Steven is a junior engineering major at Harvey Mudd College. He is Level 2 TRA certified. As an engineer with a focus on computer and electrical engineering, he is primarily interested in software and electronics design. In the summer of 2011, Steven participated in a research project under the Kinohi Institute to design a Spectral Profiling and Imaging (SPI2) device for exobiological applications. Prior to his sophomore year in college, he held no experience in high power rocketry. Steven will be in charge of Payload Design for this project.

Codename: The Hangster

Josh Edelman


Josh is a sophomore engineering major and Shop Proctor at Harvey Mudd College. In 2009 he interned at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center on the Aerodynamics Team performing wind tunnel tests on the Ares V, and he plans to focus on vehicle aerodynamics and propulsion in school. He has no experience in high powered rocketry. Josh will be in charge of design for this project.

Codename: The Architect

Erik Littleton

Erik is a junior physics major at Harvey Mudd College. He has no experience with high power rocketry. However, from his participation in the FIRST robotics competition, building a 14 foot composite catamaran, and a summer camp in aeronautical engineering at NC State University, he does have experience in design and fabrication. For the past two summers he has done research in Astrophysics, and is interested in astronomical instrumentation. Erik will work on the Payload and Design teams.

Codename: The Unnamed